Our mission at The Island School is to be relentless in our pursuit of the best ways to support student success.  Our focus as a school this year is how to best engage and support our students. One way that we have done that and will continue to do it is by giving students a wide array of experiences so that they can identify areas of interest and talent and then develop those interests and talents into lifelong passions. 

But we have not stopped there.  Last year we introduced a program, The 100 Book Challenge that is aligned with the new more rigorous Common Core Standards.  We don’t wait; we surge forward in the lead of new innovations.  We also are participating in the I Zone initiatives.  We know that computer assisted learning is going to be a major part of the future of education.  Also, every one of our sixth grade families received a desktop computer and training.  That will happen again this year thanks to The Connected Learning Program.  

But that is not enough either.  This year we are initiating The Singapore: Math in Focus as our core math program K-5.  We will continue with The 100 Book Challenge K-8, and we are initiating the implementation of Common Core Curricular Units in all classrooms. But that is not enough either.  This year we are going to meet Stress head on.  “School related stress is the most prevalent, untreated cause of academic failure in our schools.”  Chronic stress suppresses your immune system, damages your heart and impairs both memory and learning.  This will take a community effort.  Students and staff will be working with a program, Calm Classroom.  Students in grades 3-8 will be learning about how their brains work and developing a growth mindset with Brainology. 

We will also be looking at how to better communicate with students and their families so that you have access to fresh information regarding your child’s progress.  We also want to bring you into this year’s journey as full partners.  We have a full schedule of workshops and other opportunities.

I am excited by the opportunities for curiosity and learning that await us this year. 


Suany Ramos